Who Am I?

Ben Ayahrow is a motivational speaker who is passionate about bringing the best out of people. Ben acknowledges that the desire to succeed can be overwhelming and can be stressful. He uses his message to mentor, inspire and give hope to people to navigate through day to day life challenges.

Ben is selfless about sharing the knowledge he has gathered over the past through online research, interviews, books, travelling and real life experiences. Ben has traversed the world and has gotten the opportunity to interact with diverse cultures and races.

Ben focuses on leadership, personal branding and helping people identify who they are.

Ben believes in;-


Anyone can be a leader as long they desire, they are mentored and are resilient. Leadership starts with you and its key everywhere you go


Everyone has a unique brand that should be sharpened and polished. You can never struggle to produce who you are so keep it real always.

Problem Solver

You can't outrun your problems, so just face them head on and overcome . You greatness is displayed on how well you handle your challenges.

Self Love

The world does not owe you, so take the best care of yourself and all will fall in place. Your emotions may mislead try focus on the bigger picture

What I do?

Here are some of my expertise


We organize mentorship programs that serves to bring different people together while inspiring them.

Personal Branding

Feel free to engage us and we will sharpen, brighten and bring you up to speed in identifying your brand for great things in this life

Inspirational Talk

Ben offers talks to schools, corporates, prisons and other social forums.

My Specialty

My Skills

Ben is an experienced and accomplished motivational speaker with a proven track record of motivating and inspiring aspiring leaders to believe in their dreams and ambitions. He has achieved, satisfied and maintained his followers’ loyalty. He has built his career in public speaking where he has gained a wealth of experience in presentations and speaking engagements.

He possess the capacity to motivate teams and drive positive and progressive change in terms of service delivery and attitude towards day to day challenges. Being a multifaceted individual, he has over the years gathered substantial skills in marketing, research, communication, leadership, management, supervision, business development, public speaking and training.

Public Speaking














Customer Service



The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing is a high-level two-stage qualification that demonstrates specialist professional knowledge and skills across many subject disciplines. It is a primary route to Chartered Marketer status.

Masters of commerce in marketing prepares one to be receptive to alternative ideas through a review of the literature and through class participation and assessment. It also provides fundamental skills which allow graduates to obtain a qualification in preparation for a career in either small or large scale business contexts. The course provides a comprehensive understanding of the many issues surrounding the strategy of marketing in the global economy.

Bachelor of commerce degree develops analytical, communication and problem-solving skills, providing a global perspective on business and prepares one to pursue a career within the business, government or not-for-profit sectors. Bachelors of commerce exposes and provides insights into leading industry practice. With this degree confidence in applying acquired skills in real-world situations is assured.

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